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McPherson Sangiovese 2009

McPherson Sangiovese 2009 in the glass
Posted by on December 9, 2011

Vineyard: McPherson Cellars, Lubbock, TX

Type of wine: Sangiovese

Nose: black cherry, licorice

Palate: light, black cherry, vanilla, spicy

Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: $15

I picked up this bottle of McPherson Cellars 2009 Sangiovese at Spec’s Liquor after eying it on several previous trips but deciding on something else.  Being at a mid-range price-point I was hesitant to try it out, not having had any other wines from this vineyard.  Upon pouring the wine I immediately noticed how aromatic this wine was.  The nose of the wine is a dark, black cherry with a hint of licorice, very pleasant.  Upon tasting the wine there is a very smooth, silky, light texture to it.  It’s light, but not thin.  Up front there is the black cherry flavor, following through with a bold spiciness and vanilla taste and finished nicely with a light oak taste, perfectly aged.  This wine is perfectly balanced and smooth and therefore i’m rating it a perfect 5/5.  I have not had anywhere near as pleasant an experience with a sangiovese previously, even those from regions known for producing them.  I highly recommend picking up a bottle of this wine if you enjoy semi-dry or dry red wines such as pinot noir, cab franc or bourdeaux.  I know I will be buying this regularly to pair with pasta dishes and other hearty meals.


McPherson Sangiovese 2009 in the glass

McPherson Sangiovese 2009 in the bottle

McPherson Sangiovese 2009 in the glass

McPherson Sangiovese 2009 in the glass




















2 Responses to McPherson Sangiovese 2009

  1. rachel

    Ah, love me some McPherson wine!

    • Chris

      I don’t believe i’ve had a bad varietal from McPherson yet.

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