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Becker Iconoclast Fascination 2012

Posted by on September 5, 2013

Vineyard: Becker Vineyards, Fredericksburg, TX

Type of wine: semi-dry red blend

Nose:  earthy

Palate: soft, tart cherry, semi-dry

Rating: 4 out of 5

Pairing: Red sauce pasta dish

Price: $12

I picked up this 2012 vintage bottle of Becker Vineyards’ Iconoclast Fascination Red Blend at an HEB store.  I’ve had this wine in previous vintages but had never written a review.  I remembered the wine being a respectable red blend from Texas previously.  The wine pours an inviting deep, almost purple color.  The nose of this wine is lightly earthy with a grassy scent.  The first sip of the wine is very soft, smooth, supple.  Immediately there is a tart cherry and dark fruit taste with hints of plum as well.  The wine finishes spicy with medium acidity and semi-dry.  This wine can easily be enjoyed by itself but if you are looking to accompany a dinner with it I would suggest a red sauce pasta dish or perhaps some barbecue with a tangy and/or sweet sauce.  At $12 a bottle and with high availability I would definitely recommend picking it up the next time you visit the grocery or liquor store to keep around.

Becker Iconoclast 2012 Fascination red blend

Becker Iconoclast 2012 Fascination red blend

Becker Iconoclast 2012 Fascination red blend

Becker Iconoclast 2012 Fascination red blend

One Response to Becker Iconoclast Fascination 2012

  1. Don Bailey

    I’ve just opened this bottle of Iconoclast Fascination 2012 and am very impressed. In fact, I’ve been pleased with all of Becker Vineyards wines, but none have surprised me as much as this one. This particular wine is very good quality and value for the price, still around the $12.00 750ml range. I’m a big sipper of the pinot noir, and Becker presents a wine that outclasses many of those more expensive sippers.

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